Identity Pain Point - Non-employee Identity Management

The Pain

As a modern company, your total workforce is widely diverse.
Employees. Partners, Vendors, Suppliers, Affiliates, Franchisees, each population contributes to your ecosystem of success. They also require different access to perform their duties. Owning and managing this complex hot potato is at the center of every identity management program.

IAM Intervention

The solution? Start at the source: Data.
Garbage in = garbage out.  Adding automation = faster garbage out.
By addressing the core issue of creating and maintaining clean authoritative data for non-employees you streamline the downstream management of access.
By deploying SecZetta to onboard, recertify, and maintain authoritative records we give our heroes of identity management a validated source to find trusted information to complete their functions.

Why now

Your total workforce is only getting larger.
Management of your data is exponentially more complex.
Acceptable reaction time for decision making is a fraction of years prior.
With the recent acquisition of SecZetta, SailPoint has unified the management of identity populations in one platform solving this massive headache for many.
As certified partners for both technologies, we are excited to see these solutions merge!

Why us

With 20 years of successful Identity and GRC clients and a gleaming 99.9% satisfaction rating, this is our business.
S3 was one of the first advisory firms to not only embrace the need for holistic identity solutions, but also the technology solutions that meet clients where and how they operate.
As one of the first to also partner with SecZetta, a company devoted to the creation and maintenance of authoritative data for non-employees, we are also uniquely equipped to solve this problem. While others are coming up to speed on this new acquisition we have established expertise.
We can help you assess your business processes, determine a collaborative plan of action, and implement a governance program you can be proud of.
We understand your pain. We also know that your needs are great, while your capacity and budget are limited. If you’re looking for collaborative solutions that solve business problems, look no further. Reach out to find out how we can help.
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