Privacy Please! Don’t Make Your Vulnerability My Problem

A Call to Action: It’s time to step up your privacy and security game!

Data breaches are occurring at a rate of every 14 seconds while consumers and customers are still counting on you to keep their information protected!  I know cybersecurity can be a snore, but preventing identity theft is important…to us. Unless you want angry mobs at your door, it’s time for you to help us out!

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Consider all the catastrophes you can avoid – fraud disasters, reputational meltdowns, massive violations of trust, if you could simply do what you claim to.  Doesn’t being a cyber superhero sound way more fun than dealing with chaos from a mountain of preventable issues? Getting hacked is expensive, but staying secure doesn’t have to be.  Shop smart with your cyber-dollars and you and your customer’s data will thank you.


So, let’s chat about how to beef up security.  First things first – those phishing emails your employees keep clicking? Block them faster than you block your ex on social media.  Attachments loaded with malware? Quarantine them like the cousin no one talks to at a family reunion.


Fortify the security on your websites like a medieval castle preparing for a siege.  Let no data breach or vulnerability stand a chance of getting through your impenetrable defenses.  Bad actors are looking for a three-legged antelope, so be a cheetah. 

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Don’t forget about your employees! They need cybersecurity training more often than your friend needs relationship advice.  With cybersecurity evolving just as fast as your friend’s relationship status, keeping up to date is a tall order! Share the latest tips and scam alerts so they aren’t vulnerable.  Make a game out of it!  Who doesn’t love a rousing round of “spot the phishing email?”  I know I do.  

With continuous education and engagement, employees become human firewalls bolstering frontline company defenses. An informed, alert workforce trained in security fundamentals is any company’s best asset against cyber threats.


Children’s privacy?  Protect it like a mama bear protects her cubs.  If your organization gathers data on minors, minimize that collection appropriately and safeguard it accordingly.   Companies have an obligation to be hyper vigilant guardians of kids’ data and treat it with the fierce protection only a mama bear can provide. 


Children don’t understand data privacy or the need to trust companies to keep their information secure. An organization’s vow to shield children’s data, is imperative if they believe they have the right or need to collect it. Making the digital world safer for our youngest users creates more educated adult users.


If the worst happens and data goes missing, make it right.  Resolutions need to go further than basic credit monitoring.  Assist customers in freezing credit, disputing fraudulent charges, and correcting identity theft issues that occurred as a result of your cyber shortcomings.  Customers deserve the white glove treatment when their headaches come from your compromised security programs. Don’t leave them to deal with the frustrating fallout alone.


Security doesn’t have to be mind-numbing.  By making it engaging and personable, you’ll not only gain your customers’ confidence, but create more customers.  Spend your cyber-dough wisely, my data protecting friends. Prioritize security now so hackers don’t ransack your digital den later!

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