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Boutique SPs

Bigger isn’t always better. Click below for S3’s perspective on why boutique service providers are uniquely enabled to nimbly respond to market pressures, changing threats, and security challenges.

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CTO Sessions

Contact tracing…technology introduced with good intentions, but not always worth the security risk. Our CTO, Paul Kohler, weighs in.

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Crucial Feedback

Director of People and Culture, Carrie Bender weighs in on the importance of timely and clear feedback to retain your best performing employees.

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IT Visionaries

S3 CEO, Johanna Baum, joins Albert Chou, host of IT Visionaries, to discuss how to keep your security strategy simple, focused, and sustainable.

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Enhancing Your APR

Carrie Bender, S3’s Director of People and Culture, offers insights into how to drive your career growth by taking a lead in your annual performance review.

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Scam Watch

As travel opens up after the pandemic, be on the lookout for these scams. Johanna Baum weighs in on how to protect yourself and book travel smarter.

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Tech Talks Daily

Neil C. Hughes of Tech Talks Daily recently sat down with CEO and Founder, Johanna Baum to chat about women in technology leadership and how S3 is paving the way towards sustainable identity security through their person and process-first approach.

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