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ALPHARETTA, GA and HOUSTON, TX – February 14, 2023 – Strategic Security Solutions (S3), the leading provider of InfoSec consulting services for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk and Compliance, and SAP Security, announced a strategic alliance with Cirrus Cybersecurity Group (Cirrus Cyber), a leading cybersecurity advisory firm providing clients with strategic, tactical, and operational support for their Security and Compliance programs.

Both companies share strategic goals including delivering collaborative solutions focused on customer success and outcome driven Professional Services. This alliance aims to create a consortium of industry leading security experts that will combine to provide unparalleled support for client program objectives. Delivering solutions at the highest level of quality enables clients of all verticals and challenges to find rapid success and creates exponential value for our collective customers.

“Collaborating with like-minded customer focused experts expands our reach and broadens our range of skills, technologies, and capabilities for our clients. By focusing on meeting the evolving needs of the customer, strategic alliances continue to place our focus where it should be – our clients,” said Johanna Baum, CEO and Founder of S3.

S3 and Cirrus Cyber deliver value throughout the sales and delivery process by advising customers around a complete, zero-trust solution to their identity, risk, and SAP challenges. This consortium will create an expert services alliance of over 70 common resources across multiple pillars within GRC, SAP Security, IAM solutions including (IGA) Identity Governance and Administration, (PAM) Privileged Access Management, and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), and Data Security.

Cirrus Cyber Founder and Managing Partner, Andrew Brorsen added, “The formation of this alliance directly supports our mutual client-first mantra and establishes a foundation for the inclusion of new cybersecurity specialists with in-depth expertise into the consortium. Cybersecurity is a top boardroom topic and requires experienced advisors to help clients address material risks to their business.”

About Strategic Security Solutions (S3)

S3 is a leading provider of information security consulting services for identity and access management, governance, risk and compliance, and SAP Security. We are a boutique consultancy hyper focused on solving your biggest, most complicated, and stressful organizational security challenges. We build lasting technology solutions with a focus on a people centered strategy.
For more information about S3, visit the company’s website, or connect on LinkedIn.

About Cirrus Cybersecurity Group (Cirrus Cyber)

Cirrus Cyber is a market leading US-based advisory and consulting firm that has deep knowledge across multiple industries to address business, technical and regulatory issues. We help prospects and clients build robust cybersecurity and compliance programs by identifying their current, target, and future cybersecurity needs. As former CISOs and Auditors, we understand how to communicate risk and cost/benefit to senior management supported by a technical road map that aligns with budget and resource requirements.
For more information about Cirrus Cybersecurity Group, visit the company’s website, or connect on LinkedIn.

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